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The KAF’s Kyrgyz Heritage Program is dedicated to serve the communities of the New York Metropolitan Area by offering low-cost instruction in Kyrgyz music, as well as classes in the culture and art of Kyrgyzstan. The program’s activities also include international academic and business conferences, lectures and roundtable discussions on cultural and diplomatic issues relevant to the region and its history. 

The ultimate goal of the program is to help young Kyrgyz Americans to better understand their background, increase interaction with their non-Kyrgyz neighbors, and give them a stronger sense of identity and integration into their communities.  

Kyrgyz Heritage Program Komuz student performs at "The Case of Kyrgyz Americans" cultural program in partnership with The Harriman Institute at Columbia University.

Kyrgyz Heritage Program Komuz student after her performance at Columbia University with Kyrgyz Heritage Program head komuz teacher, Alymkan Sydykova

Kyrgyz Music Classes

Kyrgyz American Foundation proudly offers a unique music program exploring Kyrgyz musical heritage and performing arts traditions through its intensive course. Courses are offered in Kyrgyz national instruments including Komuz, Ooz-komuz and Kyl-kyak. Our internationally acclaimed teaching artists will open the magic world of Kyrgyz music and performance art. Students will have regular performing opportunities at Kyrgyz American Foundation's concert series. 

Kyrgyz Language Classes

Kyrgyz American Foundation offers intensive Kyrgyz language courses in New York  for students of all ages. Our language classes will strengthen your Kyrgyz through speaking, writing and comprehensive activities using advanced innovative methods and modern technology while providing insight into Kyrgyz culture and history. 



Manhattan and Brooklyn


Please contact Kyrgyz American Foundaiton at to enroll and for more information about courses, policies and rates.