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The Eurasia Cultural Center is a project of Kyrgyz American Foundation Inc, established to preserve the rich multicultural heritage of the Eurasian-American diasporas living and contributing in the New York Metropolitan Area and to provide unique educational, cultural and community programming. 


Housed on the second floor of the historic New York New Church on the corner of East 35th and Park Avenue, the KAF’s Eurasia Cultural Center offers New York City first-class cultural and educational programming, while also serving as home to a diverse Eurasian American community. 


This center serves everyone in the New York Metropolitan Area, bringing together community members for educational and cultural activities including concerts, music, dance and language classes, masterclasses, film screenings, art exhibits, and lectures. The programming of the center will also include regular seminars on immigration, health and human rights, which will be conducted in partnership with the NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigration Affairs, Community Affairs Unit and the NYC Thrive. 


The Eurasia Center is an intellectual platform for Eurasian-American scholars and artists, allowing them to share their knowledge and experiences with the younger generation of Eurasian-Americans of New York City.  These programs aim to strengthen the ethnic and cultural consciousness of young Eurasian-Americans, while also promoting understanding and goodwill within the New York Community. 

Kyrgyz American Foundation student performs at "The Case of Kyrgyz Americans" cultural program in partnership with The Harriman Institute at Columbia University.

Kyrgyz American Foundation student after her performance at Columbia University with KAF's komuz teacher, Alymkan Sydykova

The Eurasia Cultural Center offers year-round educational and cultural programming including:


  • Community gatherings, such as seminars on immigration, justice, human rights, health and education, as well as celebrations of official, traditional and religious holidays

  • Music lessons, including the traditional ethnic instruments of Eurasia 

  • Language classes in Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Uzbek,  and Russian

  • Central Asian and Eurasian traditional ethnic dance classes 

  • Film screenings, featuring classic and contemporary works by Central Asian and Eurasian directors

  • Art exhibits, presenting works by Central Asian and Eurasian artists, including those born in the US

  • Book talks, academic roundtables, and international conferences

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